Target species for poisons uploads incorrectly

Hi there,
I’m not sure why this happens it I’ve noticed it from multiple users. Sometimes there is a disconnect between the phone display and the record uploaded. When a person enters rats as their target for bait stations it will upload as 70. See attached picture.

Hi @amy.waldmann

I’m pretty sure that was a problem that was fixed a while back. The app was sending a code rather than the species name. Can you please make sure your users have the latest version of the app installed. It should be at least 3.2.4

Note you can quickly fix these up in the Manage records page: Filter by target species (70), select all records with the checkbox at the top left, choose Modify records from the dropdown list and Execute, then select Target species as the item to change and enter Rats.

Thanks, I’ll remind my trappers to update and hopefully that’ll fix it. I’m very glad to those bulk editing options. They’ve been very useful.