The Bait details box

When I come to put in my catches of the day I click on Traps then click on Add Catches this comes up with a series of boxes to fill eg Name, Date, Species caught, Rebaited with ect. In the list of baits it has "other (please specify). I assume one specifies in the Bait details box but there is no Bait Details box to fill in until one clicks on Apply which then takes one to the main page to fill in then one has to add the "other (please specify) bait to the bait details box individually for each trap. Would it be possible to have the Bait Details box on the first page so it can be applied to all.
Any chance of also having a comments column as well so other observations can be filled in.

You might be better to just add a new bait type to your bait list dropdown list if you are using the same bait a number of times.
You can just add a new bait type to the drop-down list using the project categories options. i.e. to add Lux Soap to the bait list

Click on your Project,
Click Project Categories
Click Trap Bait Type
Click Add Term and enter Soap (to add a new bait type Soap to the list)
Once that is done there is now a new bait type called ‘Soap’ in your dropdown list

I hope that helps

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That does seem very cluncky to have a 5 step process just to add a new bait type. Would it not be possible to make the drop down box live so I could just type it in there. Why do I need so many alternatives is it not possible to make it so that each project has its own list of baits which the trapper can fill in.

Give it a go, it is very simple. It takes all of 20 secs to do and then that bait type is there for everyone on the project to use on the website and it gets automatically added to the mobile app to use in the field.
If you follow those steps, you will see you can put ticks to select bait types (including your own added bait types) to create your own customise dropdown list for your project, which sounds like what you are after. I edit the bait and animal (mobile only) lists for all of the projects I work on to make the dropdown lists cleaner.

It is a national database, technically TrapNZ should be following the NZ predator control database naming standard and restricting people adding random bait types into a database as that causes issues for statistical research, sorting, and for converting the data to different data formats .e.g. people using different names for the same bait, Peanut Butter, PB, Pic’s, F&F, Peanut…
Then some people add the brand name Erayz instead of choosing Dehydrated Rabbit option (it is probably best to use dehydrated rabbit and add brand name in notes or comments)


What do you use soap as a bait for?

Rats, Possums. Cleaning my hands.
I am still trialling how effective it is. It has animal fat in it, and it does not go mouldy in the summer heat.

Putting the bar of soap in the microwave for 20 secs makes it very easy to cut into nice 15-20mm cubes

So have you caught anything and any particular brand of soap???