Theft of installed traps

We are trapping the Scenic Reserve on the outskirts of Timaru. We have been trapping there for 18 months and had a total of 25 traps through the Reserve. Over the Easter period we had four traps stolen - 1 x Tipping Timmy, 1 Goodnature A12 Possum Trap and 2 x Goodnature A24 Rat Traps. These were professionally removed from the trees almost definitely by someone with an electric screwdriver. None of these traps were in situations readily in view from the road or from tracks. If anyone has any information regarding these traps either for sale or being installed we would be very grateful to hear.

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Might be worth contacting Goodnature in Wellington. The one thing we have struck with trapping is if they have a chirp attached these can not be factory reset so the chirp remains paired with that initial phone number it was registered to. The only way around this is to buy a new chirp cap. Maybe they have received an order for 3?

I’m so sorry you have suffered such a blow to your project.

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That’s such a bummer. And obviously deliberate if needing a power tool. I lead the Claremont Bush crew and would live to catch up at some point if you are keen!

Thanks LyallBay Lemon.
I think our thieves know what they are about. They didn’t steal our traps with chirps only the ones with counters. But many thanks for the heads up.

Hi Pauline,
Yes I think a catchup would be very worthwhile.
My name is Jeff and my phone number is 0220167769. Give me a ring some time but not this week as I am in Fiordland.

did you have unknown people apply to access your group under the guise of helping?
We have had unknow person asking for access today. Im not sure how to check their name or reply to get details?

No we have not had anyone trying to access our group. Whereabouts is your group situated.

Sorry for your lose of traps unfortunatly I see this becoming a bigger problem as groups invest in expensive traps like the AT220 as there is more value in stealing them. Easy enough for scumbag people to find out where your traps are, most groups have a website with maps etc and trap lines are generally well marked