Timms Trap Baits

Kia Ora

Have been using Apples with abit of cinnamon on in the Timms traps for possums and have plenty of success. The apples do obviously go soft pretty quickly and I can imagine after a few days especially in the summer humidity they could just get ripped out easily. Generally on a weekly check even empty traps need a fresh bait.

Anyone have any ideas for firmer baits that may last bit longer?


Hi, I use green apples with peanut butter but I have tried carrot and also coreflute with holes drilled in it with peanut butter on it.


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Does that Core flute work well?

I have heard of people using a square of polystyrene with Peanut butter as well.


The new version of the Timms Trap, called the “Flipping Timmy” is way better than the old. It has a plastic bite block on the trip wire & a stepped slider to adjust he trip sensitivity. I mount them on a sloping branch leaning against the trunk of a tree. I was using my modified peanut butter brew but the chaffinches scoff it all in the daytime, so I am now using PRUNES, 1 per trap. The last possum I caught (today) died with one in his mouth. Here is a pic of my setup.

Corflute works really well. Polystyrene is fine but it’s not very robust. A piece of leather would be better?

We use corflute because:

  • It’s robust, you can catch loads of possums on one card, back when we had possums we would regularly catch three or more possums on one card over many weeks without re-luring it.
  • Fill the holes up and it is hard for the mice and insects to remove all the lure (lasts longer)
  • It’s basically a chew card, if rats or mice are stealing your lure, the card will tell you.
  • You can find it everywhere. I try to keep a strip in my pack and make them on the spot. If I’ve got time on my hands I’ll make a few spares and stash them at the top of the trigger bar.


Jesus mate, you save any traps for the rest of NZ???

Whats the red container in the background?
Got any good footage on that trail cam?

The red container is an upside down fish bin with the ends cut out. It is covering a doc200.
I have some interesting pics on the trail cam. I used to have 3 trail cams placed there to get different views of the area but am now only using the one. There’s 5 flipping timmys set on sloping branches, 1 old Timms on the ground maybe for a feral cat,
3 doc200’s, 2 leghold traps on ramps. I don’t have to cover my whole 2 acres looking for vermin. They come to me.Flutteroff

The possum is a doe trying to drag her young out of a Fipping Timmy. I caught her 2 nights later & she had a joey in her pouch.