Timms traps and pet rabbits!

Woke up yesterday to find a domestic (pet) rabbit in the garden which turned out to be one that is allowed to roam free. I’ve got Timms traps in my garden and was wondering if anyone has heard of a rabbit being caught in one.

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Yes, but 3 captures out of over 1200 trap events (not trap nights) with either fish or rabbit used as bait.

28 rabbits in many 1000 trap sets so not often!! Mind you thats 80% leg traps, remainder Timms and a few Possum Masters. More likely to catch a hedgehog rather than a rabbit. Have caught a few young rabbits in Victor rat traps too so watch out for that. To save your rabbit/s I suggest placing your Timms up in the trees rather than on the ground. Place on horizontal limbs or make a perch for your trap so possum can access off the tree.