Total Catches by Bait Report

Would it be possible to have a trap report for catches by bait/lure please that includes the total number of catches? It would be good to see which baits/lures are performing the best. The trap records with map gives some indication, but there is no total overall. It’s not easy counting up all the numbers on the map when there’s a large number of traps.

You can run a report like ‘trap records’, (with or without map) and then ‘download CSV’ by clicking that at the bottom of the report. Open the report produced ('export…csv - downloaded at the bottom of your screen) with Excel (XLS or similar). Then you can use Excel to do all sorts of analysis with table, graphs, pivot-tables etc.
If you are not very familiar with Excel: select the top line of the report and click ‘Filter’ under (Sort/Filter). Then you can use the little column-arrow to sort all your data by that column (for example bait-type and species caught). That will give you a starter. You can ask any Excel-guru to do something more specific with that data.
I am not saying that TRAP.NZ should not consider your request, but Excel may give you even more ‘customised’ results.

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