Track ID please

Initially I assumed these tracks were from a rat, however the shape of the pads seem a bit unusual. Any thoughts from someone who is more expert than me?

The prints were obtained from a standard tracking tunnel.


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Hi the two pads at rear make me think it might be a Weasel.
I don’t know if you have a copy of Booklet that Warren made but if you Google " what made these tracks "
it covers tracks by comon species. I haven’t talked to him for years but Gotcha where you probably got your cards from are really helpful with ID odd prints
cheers Dave


Thanks (again) Dave, I will look up the weasel and if necessary contact Gotcha.

Hi found the link to prints


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Mustelid prints always show fur in our experience and can’t see any in this pic. What was the location?

Thanks for replying Alec. I think you are correct, I have looked at the standard mustelid tracks and they don’t match. The location is regenerating Wellington bush.