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The team’s been really been getting into the app lately. We use it on almost all our ground operations now. It’s been quick for the team to pick up in the field/data entry side and great for helping us plan before we go out into the field. One thing we’d like to see is further enhancements to the tracks functionality.

It’s great that we have the option to see/hide it on our device and share it via geojson and wkt. Would it be possible to create an option for it to automatically upload into our organisation somehow so admin can see it when they login to web/desktop? Sometimes pressing that share option is one step too many for the field team. If there was an option to have this auto-upload for certain user types that would be amazing!

One of our reporting requirements is proving that we’ve been everywhere we said we’d go and bait station records, trap records etc. can be created from anywhere really even the comfort of the car or at home.

We are trying to minimise the amount of equipment we carry and things we need to ensure our field staff remember to do/prep. It would be even more awesome if we could get a geofence option set up where the tracks auto-activate as soon as we step into the project area.

Keep up the great work!

I’ve forwarded this onto the developers

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Kia ora Lindsay,

Great feedback and I can confirm we have an existing functional request in place that covers the same requirements from a safety perspective. I’ll add your request so any nuances are picked up as well.

Thanks for raising it,