Trap catch with map report not working

Report timing out, with time-out report indicating Host error. Has been occurring since last week (at least).

Thanks Dan we did have trouble this morning. We are having issues with reporting, we are currently working on optimising it.

Hi, is this related to opening the app and seeing the pest lines but no trap locations? Plenty of coverage. A couple of guys in our team are out there at the moment and will log via text - not that helpful though. Love your work though…

Hmm, they shouldn’t be related.

@petrelheads Can you message me the project and your team members having this problem? I’d really like to dig into this and figure out what’s going on.

The monthly catch chart report has also stopped looking at the previous settings for timeline and type of catch to report, so it always shows just the last full year and includes ‘no catch’ data, which scales the real data down too much. You can edit the settings, get it how you want it to look, but next time you go into the report, you have to do it again. Can we have the old software back please…