Trap date last checked with map, something's gone wrong

We use the ‘trap date last checked with map’ report quite a bit. In the last two days it hasn’t shown at all, now it’s all red blobs (not the usual colour codes) with errors on recently checked traps (same day checked now marked as N, or never checked). This is in the website version, not sure what the phone app is doing. While we are sorting this out, can different trap types be given different markers if wanted? I’d like to be able to see where the possum traps are amongst the rat and mustelid traps, so they can be spaced out properly. Cheers.

Kia ora,

This is a known issue that should be fixed when the site is updated next week. Apologies for the inconvenience meanwhile!

Yes, very good, we got the map back how it was… :slightly_smiling_face: is there a way we can change the shape (but not the colours) of a trap type from the circle to say a square? Maybe 3-4 options would be handy. Cheers, Graham.

Kia ora Graham,

While we won’t be making that change at this stage, we’re undergoing a usability review, and will add this to our list of things to talk about. It’d be helpful for us to understand - why would this change be useful to you?

Maybe we’re unusual, but we don’t have big pests, just possums, mustelids and rodents to worry about in the 34ha area. While we have 100 or so Victor and 100 DOC200 traps, which we alternate in the lines, we also have about 15 Timms traps which we space out a bit and can move if we need to. It would be great to do a heat map and see by the shape of the markers for each trap type, what is doing OK and what is not, especially if say possums were of interest. Some of our possum traps are not well spread out, we’re fairly sure they need to be moved, but it’s hard to dig out that data if some of the possum traps have never caught anything or have been moved recently. If we looked at rats for example, would the DOC200s be better at catching them than Victor traps? Different trap location shapes would help, and be easy enough to code. Cheers, Graham.

Thanks Graham, we’ve recorded your comments and will include them in our usability review.