Trap Download KML file - not exporting trap names

Previously, I could download the TRAP kml file, and import it into iHikeGPS-NZ and the traps would show as waypoints with the trap name and correct location. Now when I import the kml file, the trap names are not imported, and just show as WP1 etc. When I download and import the monitoring kml file, the names are correct. It appears extra information has been added to the name section…

This is frustrating as I use iHikeGPS as my navigation tool to follow the trap lines in the bush.

This example is for trap AK0002

This is a name section of the new kml file...
    <![CDATA[<a href="/node/14405670">AK0002</a>]]>

This is a section of the old kml file that worked...

Thanks for the heads up @stevedawson - fixed!

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Thanks - all works now.