Trap fly in - to the Pacific Ocean

Hi, when I click on the ‘Traps’ link for our project, it does that fly in thing, going towards our area (South Titirangi Neighbourhood Network) but then heads West and ends up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean :slight_smile:

We somehow have a trap in the middle of the Pacific Oeean :slight_smile: I will shift it, but I’m not sure how this could have gotten there? I do know it’s a new user who has just put that trap ‘on her property’.

a good indicator that you have a wandering trap is when the trap overview page zooms really wide and not into your project. The easiest way to find which trap it is, is to use manage traps, then download a csv file this will show all the coordinates and the wandering trap will have very different coordinates. It’s easy to place back into the project using the phone app, move location tab when you are at the trap. this will give it the correct GPX coordinates.