Trap Gone / Condition

When a trap has been entered as gone (usually in our case landslide or avalanche) it might be good if the Trap condition is automatically populated with something like null or not applicable as the current options re condition are not very relevant.
There should also be a section for “destroyed” or “munted” as well as “gone”.
Additionally if a trap is unusable/out of service/gone maybe the trap on the line could be grayed out until replaced fixed etc.

Agreed, this seems sensible.

In answer to your additional request, under ‘Condition’ you will find ‘Disabled’. This will grey out the icon, and remove that period from the trap nights reporting. Automatically apply that in certain states is something we can look at.

The Trap Status and Condition fields are a little ambiguous and cross purpose. We’re discussing some changes to make these clearer and easier to work with.