Trap identifiers incorrect in map

I have noticed this a few times now.

Here’s a picture of our traps around our house and you can see the label of the one in the top left, and the one in the bottom right.

But when I click the top left trap (name=“111” you can see the trap label is incorrect. And clicking it takes me to the wrong trap screen. It goes to the “110 - DOC 200” one.


Kia ora,

Thanks for letting us know! Unfortunately, none of the team are able to replicate this issue on their machines, and it sounds like this doesn’t always happen for you either. Do you have any idea what you might have done immediately prior that might have caused this bug?

We’ll be replacing all the maps throughout the site over the next few months, so if we don’t figure out this bug, hopefully the new maps will solve it eventually!

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

I did it again just now. I think it’s an issue in the trap with records report mainly. I went to our project, looked at my trap no.s - all ok.

I go to that report, click on a few traps and it comes up with the wrong no. after a few clicks.

We believe this issue is fixed. It is likely that the mapping tools will change soon in any case.

Yeah nah, the fault is still there, although not as bad/frequent.

But it’s not a big deal. Good that a new mapping tool is coming.