Trap Inventory Not Working


The trap inventory reports are not working.

The regular trap inventory report (Trap inventory | Trap.NZ) is showing just 4 traps total (out of almost 2,000) and is coming up as the line filtered report.

The Trap Inventory With Line Filter report (Trap inventory | Trap.NZ) is showing the same four traps with ‘-Any-’ as the line selection. But when a line is selected, no traps are reported. This is against the BHMET-Bluff Motupohue project.

The Multi-Project Trap Inventory report (Trap inventory | Trap.NZ) reports a total of 11 traps… but the four projects I’m a member of have around 3,000 traps.

In each case, the CSV is also exporting the same results.

May I please ask that this bug be resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Thanks for the heads up David. This should be resolved now.

Copy that. Thanks David. SHould be fixed now

Wow, that’s amazing tech support - I’m impressed! Thanks everyone.

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