Trap Inventory Not Working


The trap inventory reports are not working.

The regular trap inventory report (Trap inventory | Trap.NZ) is showing just 4 traps total (out of almost 2,000) and is coming up as the line filtered report.

The Trap Inventory With Line Filter report (Trap inventory | Trap.NZ) is showing the same four traps with ‘-Any-’ as the line selection. But when a line is selected, no traps are reported. This is against the BHMET-Bluff Motupohue project.

The Multi-Project Trap Inventory report (Trap inventory | Trap.NZ) reports a total of 11 traps… but the four projects I’m a member of have around 3,000 traps.

In each case, the CSV is also exporting the same results.

May I please ask that this bug be resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Thanks for the heads up David. This should be resolved now.

Copy that. Thanks David. SHould be fixed now

Wow, that’s amazing tech support - I’m impressed! Thanks everyone.

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I seem to be having the same or similar problem (Blue Duck Station). Line “RQ” is not showing up in the trap inventory properly and I think it’s skewing the numbers. There are DOC200 and DOC250 traps showing up in the line inventory under no line name; RQ is missing all traps. Help?

@j40gryphon I can see traps with a prefix of RQ but they haven’t been assigned to the RQ line, would you like me to do that for you?

Hi Lenore. Thanks for the response. Attached is a screenshot showing a bunch of traps assigned to RQ line. But simultaneously the inventory report shows no RQ traps at all. Feels like something in the database is out of sync. Thoughts?

@j40gryphon even more odd they have now appeared on the line and show in both the app and the "manage " tab on the website. So, they are now showing in the report. Can you check it is as you expected it to look please?

But still not in the inventory report…

We are looking into it now, as it has disappeared for me too now

@j40gryphon OK I think we’ve found the cause. Trap.NZ uses replicated databases for redundancy and load balancing. For performance reasons, most of the reports (read-only) on the website use a replicated database to take the load off the primary database where updates and edits take place.

As you suspected, for some reason (cause unknown - we are still investigating) the replica got out of sync and behind on transactions - so the reports you were looking at were out of date basically - using data from yesterday. We’ve switched reports to use the primary for now and will make sure the replicas are synched up before switching back.

Your team rocks. Cheers.

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