Trap Last checked - error message

The trap last checked options comes up with the following. Other reports are working.

Error 504

Ray ID: 6cfcb69108dd55b7 • 2022-01-19 02:43:02 UTC

Gateway time-out









Hi @sarah please let us know which project this is happening on (and if it is still happening :slight_smile: )


Hi Dan
Thanks for the follow up - the project is Makara Peak/Katch. yep still happening just tried it and this is what I get

Error 504

Ray ID: 6d3eefd24ac56a18 • 2022-01-27 03:36:27 UTC

Gateway time-out

Can I get you to look at another issue for me please the monthly catch table - shows 2 Stoat and 6 Weasel for January 2022 to date when in fact we have only caught one Stoat as I have gone through the trap reports for the month which show one Stoat. Any ideas why the reports are different to the table the database should show the same ?



Thanks @Sarah - can I please confirm - is this the
Line reports - Traps last checked you are having problems with, or the
Trap Reports - Trap date last checked with map?

Note: The Monthly catch table is a multi-project report so by default it will report across all the projects you are a member of. You will need to select Makara Peak/Katch in the Project list (first box) if you want just the results for that project. When I do that I just get 1 stoat for Jan and no weasels :wink:

Hi Dan yes Line reports Traps last checked.
Thanks for solving the other I could not work it out !