Trap Library - Traps that move location

Hi, Im starting a trap library and am just assigning traps to members. As the traps will live at one location for 3 months then move on - is that going to be ok to change the location of the trap in the future?

if not, any ideas of the best way to do this!!/?? Id like to be able to see how many kills a particular trap has had in its lifetime …

Standard procedure is to ‘retire’ the trap and create a new one in the next spot. The data associated with that retired trap is specific to both the trap type and it’s location. As you’ll know location is often the most important factor.

If you simply move that trap the data is skewed because because the previous kills are now associated with the new location. By retiring the trap the data is retained for reporting purposes. If reports show the old location was a ‘killer spot’ you can then ‘un-retire’ that trap.

The reports allow you to view kills by a combination of criteria including trap type.

Hope that helps?

Yes that makes sense. Can I keep the same trap name though (the traps have labels) - or will I end up with lots of record with the same name…?

You can use the same name - that’s no problem. The traps are still separate.

Rita you might like to add a vote to this feature request for making moving them easier:

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