Trap Lines Showing Bait Stations not on that trap line?

This is on the Android Version Version 6.0.13

When I go around the trapline, using the Lines Function. I get to this by selecting Lines from the map windows. Then I select the trap Line, I have walking that day.

When I add a log to a trap it automatically jumps to the next trap on line. Which is great, but sometimes it also jumps to a bait station that is not on the trap line. But it is the next thing on the track.

We check traps more than bait stations as we do pulse baiting. The bait stations are on a different Line for this reason.

Not a big deal, but an annoying bug in the app.

Thanks…Gary Fawcett

Kia ora @Wak_Trapper The first thing you should do is go to the app store and update the version of you are using. The current version available in the open source is 6.0.18. Then when you go into the lines as you have been doing, select the tab at the top “walk line” this will display all the installations on your line, including bait stations. You can now set the defaults you want and installations you are wanting to service. I have pasted the link to the help doc with instructions here. App: Using the "Walk L... | Trap.NZ Help & User guides


Upgraded to 6.0.18, same result. Bait stations still show as the next thing to change the bait. Even when the line is set to only to contain traps. The main list also doesn’t show them. Its when you have re baiting a trap, the next thing shows up.

The line I use is “WT_Road to Bantam Clearing”, if you want to test it.

The walk the line feature doesn’t work without a decent GPS signal. So I just use the List view.

Any other ideas?


It’s actually a feature, and you can turn in off:

Menu > Settings > General > Smart Lines