Trap locations not visible on mobile device even with Advanced permissions

I coordinate community trapping groups in Nelson and administrate many groups.
In the past couple of weeks two users (separate projects) have had trouble seeing the trap locations on the app.
In the latest case:
I updated their permissions to advanced trapper and had them sign out and in of the app. Then close the app and reopen it. No luck.
I then assigned all the traps to the user which worked.

The app works fine for me, but does anybody have any tips? As I am trying to make Trap.NZ as easy as possible for volunteers to use.


Without knowing the members projects and details it does seem to sound like a membership permission issue, I have pasted the membership permissions doc from the help section here for you to have a look at. If you believe this isn’t the case, contact the help section from and let us know the names and projects and what you are expecting to see. Managing member permis... | Trap.NZ Help & User guides

Advanced Trappers can only see on the app their own installations or installations that are assigned to them. However they can see all installations on the website as ‘read-only’. If you want them to see all installations on the app they will need promotion to ‘Manager’.

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Is this new? I recall working round assigning traps by promoting trappers to Advanced.


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Here in Nelson (Halo) we don’t really have the need for the trapper permission - our projects are limited to the low hundreds of traps and few trappers. Manager status gives too much authority to make changes. Advanced trapper is the level most appropriate, but then we have too assign all traps and monitoring stations to all trappers.
At the national scale I see how the current permission levels fit and I don’t see the need to add extra clutter with extra levels. If the app and the desktop versions mimicked each other - could that lead to less confusion among new groups and trappers?

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Andy I reckon that needs to be explained better on - when you assign a role via the web version as an admin.

It says this: " * Advanced Trapper: Can see all installations, but only modify the ones assigned to them."

I assumed that was for the app as well as web.

@lenore-admin would it be sensible to add wording that explains the differences between what the levels can see on the app vs the web? Is it possible for the app to mimic the web and allow all advanced trappers see all traps, or does that make it cumbersome for other users?

Kia ora @phillipcochrane ,

  1. Yes it has always been this way (at least for a number of years now.)
  2. Yes there would be less confusion if the app and desktop were the same. Not something we can change without upsetting a lot of people however. Best to avoid the temptation to add new levels or custom roles.

The focus at the moment is simplifying the bulk assignment of lines or ‘regions’ and improving reporting of what is assigned. Areas of responsibility will become more transparent and manageable, i.e. select a line, or all lines and assign to users, or select a line to see who’s assigned to it. This should indirectly help with what you’re trying to achieve. Note this won’t be available for some time to come.

@davidnblake36, indeed that description on the invite page doesn’t quite cover it. We will get that fixed. The help link directly below it does describe it correctly however.


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