Trap Markers - Colour Option?

Hi there, we’re just wondering if having the ability to change the colour of trap markers on the website / app would be a useful feature for users? There may be something already that we’re not aware of, but we have a number of traps with different access - some via water only and some traps on private property for example.

Nothing exists or is in the planning yet but it has been requested before. The nearest to that is putting those particular installations on a line of their own and filtering them out by line (website only at this stage.)

It probably makes more sense to provide a tagging mechanism for the installations so you can manage the tags. We could then filter them out by tag rather than display by colour which I think would suit your use case better? Colour coding brings all sorts of usability issues, so it’s a last resort.

Can the trap colour on trap be changed with status manually and with sensors (as well as be manually changed for trap situation/features as LHFF was asking). I am using live capture traps with Celium sensor nodes on them. Currently all the traps are shown as Red triangles when set and triggered (in the app). It would be good if they could set as Green triangles when ‘Set’ and go to Red when ‘Triggered’. I know the radiating sensor dots go from green (set) to red (triggered) for sensors but for some us volunteer trappers our eye sight is not what it use to be especially when you have satellite view as your background. Also the sensor radiating dots do not show when the traps are clustered as a single trap icon so you cannot see if a trap has been triggered within a cluster until you zoom in to see the individual trap locations.
On the website the traps are red circles, but when triggered they are red circles with a small black in the centre which makes them very hard to see which trap has triggered. Making them go from green to red would make them stand out.


Definitely something to consider. The next release has larger animations to improve visibility., that may be enough.

As you say none of that helps when they are clustered wbich is what the ‘sensors only’ filter is for. Its on the top right hand tab on the map.

Hopefully that helps in the interim, and it would be great to get your feedback.


Thanks Andy,
Good to know about larger animations. But would be better to have the trap showing sensor status colours.
All my traps have sensors since it is a sensored live trap project aiming at Feral Cats and Possums, so using the sensor filter will not help.

How about having different icons as a selection for trap types? We have larger DOC200 boxes, smaller Victor boxes and some Timms traps. Would be great to see those more visually on the website.Could be circles, boxes, triangles maybe.

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Agree different icons would help with different traps. Something like the icons you have with GPS mapping software.