app - Can't see Bait Station locations, only general trapping line

Hi there,

New user here. I’ve installed the app on iPhone and successfully logged in. I can see the line we will maintain (and all other lines on the island) but it has no actual bait station details shown.

I just reinstalled the app to get the latest version 4.1.13. iPhone is running latest iOS version 15.2.1

Attached is a photo of the map logged into our account on iPhone (on the left) and then (on the right) the local coordinator’s Android phone showing the same line with the bait station locations displaying correctly.

This issue happens wherever I am - wifi, 4G etc.

I can see all the bait station locations just fine when I log in to the website and find My Projects

Thanks for any help or thoughts on how to proceed!

Richard B

Hi Richard, I have the same issue, I fact my project won’t load, and therefore I can’t log any catchs

I think this might be a permission issue, if you are trapper you can see the traps/bs on the desktop but not on mobile. Try having your permission changed to advanced trapper or even admin.

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Hi Richard,

It is most likely you already are an advanced trapper, but that only allows you to see all installations on the website, not on the app. For that you would need to be a ‘manager’.

You have two options, get the admin to make you a manager, or get them to assign particular installation/lines to you.

Both subjects are covered in depth here:


@Bowie, can you provide more details? App version, perhaps a screenshot.

Excellent thank you Andy! I’ll forward your answer and the links onto the area coordinator. I think she made me an “advanced trapper” to try to solve it but not “manager”. We’ll give it a go thank you!

Hi again Andy - i just replied saying i was not set to “manager” but I got that wrong - actually I am already set to manager according to my coordinator. I’ll pass on the part about assigning the line to us and see if that sorts it.

Hi @richandanna,

If you go to this page, and scroll down to ‘My Projects’, it will tell you what role you have. I strongly suspect you are only an Advanced Trapper.

Let me know how you get on.

I don’t think that is necessarily the answer as I am an “Advanced Trapper” and can see them. Do you have some/all of the filters ticked from the map? - on the RHS there are 3 flat lines like squares of black paper ( iphone anyway has it there). You can tick Bait staions, Traps, Monitoring sites and Only with sensors. That will hide everything other than the line.Tick what you want to view.
Alternatively if you want no map/aerial photo Go Project Lines/ Line name/ and you will get the traps listed in numerical order. This is usually the quickest way to record data.

I have reinstalled the app, and now it works fine.
Thanks for the assistance

Thanks Andy - you’re right. Still has us as “Advanced Trapper” only. I’ll ask again to be made into Manager.

Thanks cragrat. I can see the menu and Baitstations Traps and Monitoring Sites are all ticked but not showing.