Trap.NZ app - new version available

A new version of the Trap.NZ app is now available from the app stores (named Trap.NZ 2019). This version has been redeveloped from the ground up with a lot of work going into making the offline and data upload functions seamless and reliable.

A huge shout out goes to Andy Saunders who is the primary developer and is also a dedicated trapper. Thanks also to the Miramar Eradication Project team, the Towards Predator Free Taranaki crew and the many other volunteer testers for their support and feedback.

Additional features and functions in the new app include:

  • Automatic on-line/off-line synchronisation

  • Monitoring functions (plot of chew cards, tracking tunnels, etc, and add records in the field)

  • 5 Minute Bird Counts

  • Real-time status of installations (indicators show you when traps or stations were last serviced)

  • Additional offline maps: aerials, street maps, and parcel boundaries

A help guide is available here:

There is also a small, but growing collection of video tutorials.

Users of the old app shouldn’t have too much difficulty using the new app. The old app will remain available until the end of next month (you can use either).

The new app will continue to be developed. There’s a lot we still want to do with it…

image image


  • At the moment images can’t be loaded with trap and bait stations records, although we will have this function available soon.
  • When adding notes to bait stations, the notes field may disappear off the top of the screen. To prevent this, scroll back to the top of the page (i.e. make sure that the notes field is at the bottom) before tapping in it.


The Trap.NZ team

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