online training

Here are the dates and times for the next round of online training. Email for the links to the sessions you would like to join. You can share these links with the members of your projects and join as many session as you like
Friday 30, June 2023 9 a.m
Monday 3, July 2023 11 a.m
Wednesday 5, July 2023 2p.m
Thursday 6 July 2023 5pm

If you would like to arrange for a specific training for your group please feel free to contact us to set up any training requirements

Are these sessions for administrators / managers of projects, or for trappers in the field? or both?

kia ora @tobyricketts the phone app and it’s effective use are the base of what is covered, however, there is a lot of administrators that attend these sessions to share the tips they learn. We also cover any questions raised (within reason based on the time left) Often administrators will ask questions that can be answered quickly, however, if they require more in depth discussion, I usually set up a time to discuss it at another time individually

Are the sessions broken into topics, eg one for trapping, one for baiting & one for monitoring?
I undersstand there is common ground, but newbies are confused when most of a session is about trapping, and they are caught in the complexities of baiting data. .

Currently the focus has been on trapping monitoring with a touch of baiting, but this is really good feedback. I will make the next round with a strong focus on baiting