Trap.NZ profile & management

Hi, is there somewhere saying more specifically who maintains Trap.NZ? It’s a great tool, that maybe could benefit from more outreach and new-user training. ‘Councils, govt depts & agencies’ I read somewhere… but which ones please? And is there a Trap.NZ rep/expert I can talk to in Christchurch?
I would like to organise a public session on Trap.NZ, for new users and local project admins.
Many thanks
P.S. Had a read of Groundtruth site, thanks = the answer?

Hi @rik

Yes - agreed it definitely could benefit from more outreach and training. Working on it!

Trap.NZ is developed by Groundtruth Ltd. To ensure that Trap.NZ can continue to be available for the public good, a collaborative group was set up to provide governance and ongoing support for the system.

The initial members of the Trap.NZ collaborative are Hawkes Bay Regional Council, Predator Free Wellington, Next Foundation projects (Project Janszoon & Taranaki Mounga Project), Taranaki Regional Council, Northland Regional Council, Auckland Council, the regional council Bio-managers group, and Manaaki Whenua/Landcare Research.

If you would like to talk to someone directly (we are happy to chat!) please leave your contact details with or use the contact form on the website.

Hi @root (sounds VERY gnu/linux there :slight_smile:
Thank you. Very helpful to read this.
Confirming two public sessions on will be run, 11 & 14 May 7.30pm (if no COVID19-closedown), in Christchurch South Library’s Sydenham Room (at library rear), 66 Colombo Street.
Any folk in town those days would be very welcome to attend.
Or call me with any tips or suggestions if you like: 03-332-1069 / 027-406-0077 works real well for us and several neighbouring projects are now growing into it too: Many thanks for this great project coordination tool.
Kia ora