Trap.NZ survey and further comments

I have just completed the online survey. I am a1 person trapping project with about 15 traps near the Waikanae Estuary. I would like to join a group where it is possible talk about trapping, learn best practise, etc. I think Trap.NZ would be a good point to set up a group like this.

Hi Warren, there are a few options. All the below groups have Facebook pages if you use that as well.

On Trap.NZ you can join groups in your area by going to the “Find Projects” tab when you log in.

The Waikanae Estuary Care Group is running traps now and also meets regularly for working bees.

The Kāpiti Rat Pack is a collection of people interested in backyard trapping.

Kāpiti Mainland Island is set up to talk about trapping in general.

The Kāpiti Coast Biodiversity Project is involved in a range of conservation projects. You can contact Glenda Robb at

Also feel free to post questions, tips etc here on the forums.



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