Trap record maps not working

Kia ora,

When trying to show ‘Trap Records with Map’, the maps are not loading. This is the error message:

Unable to load CTools exportable Map ( undefined ).

Operating system is Windows 7, browser is Firefox 60.0.1, but have found the same issue using Internet Explorer, and also Safari.


Am also having same proble and have tried with Google Chrome and Firefox.


Thanks for the heads up! Fixed now.

Great, thanks a lot!

I am still having a similar issue, the maps are loading but without the traps or numbers on them. There aren’t any error messages either. Thanks

@Robbie - I too was having this problem but it looks like it has it has been corrected recently - all started behaving properly for me on the morning of 10 Oct, from memory. But before that I found selected “Retired” traps made them all appear, even active traps.

@Robbie I think your issue is that you don’t have any roles assigned in the project - therefore you don’t have access to any traps or other data. You’ll need to ask the project admin to assign a role.

Hi I am also having the same problem I logged in last year and registered , but now I can’t find the my data ,

Hi Ana

It doesn’t look like you are a member of any projects yet - you can request to join one (under Find Projects), or if you know the project admin in your area you can ask them to add you to the project.