Trap records page on website only has one page

Just in the last few days, the “Trap Records” report section on the website has stopped allowing access to the next pages of records. In my case it just shows the last 20 traps checked, nothing further.

Can I also suggest that if the app version has sounds, why not add some beeps or noises into the website version, a reassuring sound that a manual trap record has been saved, and a different noise when something has gone wrong, for example. There could be a setup to have sound features on or off. The website data entry time has slowed up again recently, but it’s not too bad.

@zorro83 You’re quite correct we have discovered a bug in the reports. The tech dev team are currently working to fix it. They work very hard as community funded developers to provide the free app and should have it sorted for you soon.
Thank you for the feedback regarding the idea of beeps/ noises when saving data. I will forward it to our features and requests section

The paging issue has been fixed.

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Thanks for the response, and the error is fixed, but it wasn’t a ‘bug’ technically. The report code is now behaving just like it was for months or years beforehand, it just had a small crisis as a result of a recent version change that wasn’t checked hard enough I would think. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, but another report, the monthly catch chart, has suffered a similar fate recently which hasn’t been fixed yet. It now defaults every time it is opened, to a year-long window of results including all of the no-catch events, making the rest of the chart useless until you manually change the catch selections. It’s not a massive deal, but it’s a jump backwards when we had a report (like many of the other ones) that did remember how you had it set up, last time you viewed it. It would be great if that little problem was reversed too, I referred to it somewhere else on the forum, but it didn’t get noticed. Cheers, Graham.


Thanks for that Dan, I’ll keep reporting version issues like this that I see, as soon as I can, while the trail is still warm. Cheers, Graham.

Thanks Graham. We still have a paging issue on the multi-project trap record report. The guys are looking at that now and I’ll log a request to look at the monthly catch chart.

Multiproject report paging fixed