Trap Records with Initial Bait not showing with or without map

No records are showing for Trap Records with Map or Without Map when choosing initial bait. If I don’t choose an initial bait I get a list of records, and they show on the map. But no records show when I include initial bait no matter which bait I choose.

Kia ora @christine Can you please let me know if you’re referring to the website or the phone app? Are these new installations or existing ones?

It’s on the website trap reports, Trap Records, and Trap Records with Map. The records show when no selections are made, but once any selections are made, no records show.

Kia ora @christine I’m sending this to helpdesk so I can ask a couple of extra questions

Still not showing trap records with map this morning any idea when this will be fixed please.

On the map when you tap on a number the trap ID number is not showing any longer

kia ora @sarah @christine is this still happening, I just tried and they worked but it would be good to know if this is still an issue for your projects

I just checked. It’s almost working correctly except when you tap on a number on the map it doesn’t give you the trap ID, and the numbers on the map appear to be the same whatever initial bait is selected.

@christine The fix is being released on Monday after testing