"Trap records (with map)" only shows some projects

Today 11 March, when attempting to make a map of all 19 project areas (reports across Multiple-projects), only 5 of my 19 project maps are shown. All 19 project maps were showing last week.

I’m also a member of multiple projects but I only have two left for reporting. They were there last week, but gone by the weekend. I was going to get in touch with the project owners about whether any changes were made to my access but noticed this post and wondered if there might be something else going on.

Thanks guys - we see the problem and will sort it out ASAP. There has been a lot of work on permissions lately and a bug obviously got introduced.

When you create a project you are the owner of it and automatically have administrative access without needing to have the administrator role assigned. However the list looks like it is now generated using the roles assigned rather than the ownership.

If you need the reports urgently you could give yourself the administrator role in each project. We should have this bug squashed by tomorrow. Thx for your patience.

Hello, I am still only able to run reports over multiple projects for 2 out of 4 projects at the moment.