Trap Reports Accuracy

I’m looking at the use of the “unspecified” species label in traps reports. The use of unspecified has increased markedly since we installed AT220 traps which is not in itself unexpected because if the kills is removed from under the trap by other predators the kill obviously cannot be identified. Myreal concern though is I ran two reports for the same dates over a year; Catches by line and Catches by trapper and the total catches for the first category is 537 and 426 for the second. How can these totals be different?

I don’t know but I’d hazard a guess that your report running ‘catches by trapper’ is not including some kills for some reason due to a person not being attached to the record? Maybe those unspecifieds from the AT220? Perhaps it records the person for one record but any further strikes doesn’t have anything if eg it was recorded as 10 strikes. Just a guess!

I am having the same issue. For my project, Catches by line gives 47 stoats. Catches by Trapper gives 43. Catches by trap - filtered for Stoats gives 43. Trap records filtered by stoat give 47. If I look at the catches by trapper, there is one trapper with 4 stoats (in Trap Records) that are not recorded in Catches by Trapper. The overall project summary (last 365 days) is showing 48 (47 stoats, 1 weasel). This inconsistency gives me no confidence in which report to use.

@stevedawson I’ve asked the developers to look into this

@stevedawson the developers are looking for the fix. I will let you know when they are able to sort it out

@stevedawson @lenore-admin

At first I thought there was a problem. The reports usability is definitely an issue! It took me a while to see how to get the matching results, but it is doable as follows:

Key issue is that Catches by trap, and Catches by trapper default to active traps only. The consistent result of 47 stoats (last 365 days, 22nd Sep 22 to 22nd Sep 23) can be returned if you set Retired to
-Any- on Catches by trap, and Catches by trapper.

I have raised a suggestion internally that we default those two reports to a Retired Status of any, to minimise confusion.

Thanks - this resolves the issue. I didnt think about the retired traps. This makes sense, but wasnt obvious. Thanks for your help.