Trap Sensor questions

Trap.NZ App questions

  1. What does the green Antenna symbol mean. I guess it mean that there has been a heartbeat or event within a certain time period as most of my sensors are not showing any sensor antenna and they do not show radiating dots coming form the trap on the map. Anyone know what the time period is

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2) Is there a way to show signal to noise ratio on my sensors on the map to quickly to see which sensors have poor signal strength? i.e. make the low strength ones orange on the map. I know i can click on individual sensors and have the pop up show me the signal to noise ratio but it would be good to have the ratio colour coded on the map to quickly saw what is happening
3) ditto above but with battery voltage

Hi Tim,

  1. The ‘green antenna’ indicates a heart beat after midnight of the current day. For live capture green without a capture indicator means you don’t need to manually check it. All other statuses mean go and check. Most sensors are sending multiple heartbeats per day, but one should have arrived by midday.

  2. Re: Signal strength on the map - Yes, but we are talking a specific ‘sensor mode’ here which would combine some of your other feature requests. We get into all sorts of usability / accessibility issues with introducing more color coding and icons to the base map (i.e. when combined with monitoring stations, bait stations etc.)

  3. Battery status - as above.

Appreciate the feedback!


Hi Andy,

  1. Ok the heartbeats since midnight explains things. There seems to be an issue where Encounter Solution sensor is sending heartbeats in UTC time and the server is reading it as NZST/NZDST so is at least -12 hours out. So that is why a lot of my traps are not showing heartbeats. About 30% of my traps are still indicating no heartbeats 11:50pm tonight :grimacing: even through I can see they all have had heartbeats in the last 24hours.
    With us (and I assume the same with most other live trapping projects) the sensor status of traps are normally checked at the start of the day to make sure they have had heartbeat in the last 24hours, and ones that are not will be checked that day within 12 hours of sunrise as required by Section 36 of the Act. So it would be good for the ‘green antenna’ to indicate heartbeat within the last 24hours, rather than midnight.
    2,3. Maybe administrator only features to make the user interface more simple for general user.


Hi Andy,

How do I change the status of a Live Trap Sensors where the sensor has been removed (or shutdown) but the trap is still in place (but trap door closed so not activate) so it can be activated at a later date. The trap was ‘triggered’ (sprung) prior to the removal of the sensor so it is still showing sprung status in I would prefer it to show a greyed out decommission status instead (or something similar). I do not want to retire the trap as I want to keep the location on the map so trap can be found using the app at a later date when we reactivate the trap and sensor at a later date. I guess I can retire trap and then unretire the trap before go into the project area so I can find it using the app at a later date. If I retire a trap and then unretire does the data still run continuously?
We are planning on deactivating all 45 live traps in current project area and then leave them in place and focus our volunteer hours on another area where there are more predators to remove. So being able to easy make all sensors in a project area have deactivated status (I guess I can use the retire option).

Also an option to turn off ‘Send meta data about this trap to my sensor provider?’ as an option in ‘Chose an Operation’ would be great so I can easy turn off meta data for a number of traps (especially when relocating traps so meta data does not move traps back to old location on sensor providers system).