Trap status and condition corrupted by Walk The Line

If a trap condition has been marked as “Needs maintenance” and/or the status as “Trap gone” in the previous trap record, then when one Walks The Line the trap is automatically given the default conditions, such as “Ok” and rebaited. This causes the “Needs maintenance” and “Trap gone” status to be unwittingly lost/overwritten. This makes the status and condition rather useless for tracking the overall status of the devices.
Can things like “Trap gone” and “Needs maintenance” be made ‘sticky’ so that a purposeful action must be taken to clear/modify them?

Kia ora,

Suggest this goes into the feature requests.

For clarity the current expected way of work is:
a) Override the default entry record when you’re at the traps, or
b) Override or remove the default record when on the review page (assuming you can remember which those installations were.) That leaves the previous state standing.

Making them sticky would be useful but perhaps needs to go even further. There is a standing feature request to provide a list of installations that are missing or need maintenance at the start of the line walk process. This in addition to marking installations with some form of maintenance required icon.

Any thoughts?


Hey Andy -

So, yes, I agree with your description of what is currently required. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s a very realistic expectation to put on your average trapper. It might be okay for some, but I think that the high intensity trappers (50-100 traps in one go) are not going to be pleased. Plus there’s the problem that the absence of an action causes an unwanted sideeffect. To me, that’s the biggest worry - errors of omission

Stickyness would probably solve the above.

A quick list of non-nominal state traps would be very useful to trappers as would a more comprehensive report that includes the Notes field. I especially like the idea of an icon! Another related request would be to have the trap kill count shown along with each trap. Let me know the winners and losers when I’m standing there. The losers might get moved a bit if nothing in 12-18 months.

Finally - and this might be OTT - it seems that ‘Status’ and "Trap condition’ have evolved into what they are now. There’s duplication between them which relies on the trapper for correct action. In some respects a Status of ‘Out of service’ would be adequate when the Trap condition demands such. Things like Regassed and Relured are temporal actions rather than long term conditions IMO. This is probably way beyond a simple tweak and might be offputting to users who are accustomed to status quo. Just thought I’d throw that in there.