Trap status not updating in app

When I update the trap status after resetting, it reverts back to trap set, bait bad. Status was attempted to be changed to trap set, bait good.
I tried twice, same result.

Kia ora @aday is there a chance you have set the defaults to show trap set, bait bad prior to going out. I also see that you have two entries for a trap yesterday, is this the trap you’re referring to?

Yes that is the one, did a bit of a test after noting all the traps (which I haven’t interacted with previously) all had the same status despite others in the trapping group resetting them (I’ve only recently joined the group and am keen to increase the app/data usage).
I’ll have a look for those default settings, thank you

This may help you, Free phone app online training

Ok thank you @lenore-admin , I can’t see anywhere to set, or change, default settings for trap/bait status anywhere in the app or website.
I’ll try to join one of those sessions