Trap Status selection is to limited

Hi Guys
For those of us who do trapping in Pulses eg set traps for a specific period the Status selections do not work.
At the end of a pulse we can use Sprung which sort of works but is not I’m sure the intention may be Manual Trip might be better But I would like Trap Set added as an option as well.

John Kinloch

Kia ora John,

We’ll be reviewing trap state and status functionality and options soon, and will take your suggestions into consideration then.

Ngā mihi,
The Trap. NZ Team

I would like “Trap not set” or similar. I have a cage trap that i only set if there is signs of cats or possums. So there can be a long period when it is out of action.
Sprung seems to suggest , if I was doing data interpretation, that something had set it off.