TrapDoor - New Android App to show trapping counts from trapping sites across NZ

Hi Trap NZ,

We run an IT company that likes to work with Open Data.

We also help run a small trapping project with Trap NZ for our local reserve area in Christchurch.

We would like to be able to show New Zealanders the good work that is going on with pest control with sites such as Trap NZ, Catch IT and Urban Rat

We have been undertaking a data aggregation project for trapping data in order to calculate totals by trapping project.

We have made an Android App (and will make an Apple version shortly) available on the Play Store

TrapDoor NZ App

You can see our prototype website here:

The app is free and shows the source of each public project with links back to their websites

We intend to refresh the data monthly from providers.

The more people that make their trap NZ projects public (for the API) the more people in NZ can see the progress being made. Currently there are 540 public sites on Trap NZ out of 860+

We are currently retrieving public data from the public Trap NZ API and have approached Urban Rat and Catch IT trapping sites whose data will also be added into this app as well.


Del Robinson / Tracy Clark


Nice one guys! This is exactly the sort of thing we hoped would start to happen with the shared data.

Over the next few months we should be able to provide more feeds and a documented public API for sharing and contributing data (not just for traps and bait station but for monitoring as well - bird counts, kiwi call counts, trail camera data, etc). Please do get in touch with us if you have questions or suggestions at a technical level - we are keen to make the system as simple as possible to interact with.

The Trap.NZ team