Trapinator Possum Lure Disappearing

Hi, something, probably rats I’m told, is eating the possum lure paste that I’m using the the trapinator traps. Unless it’s a very clever possum eating it somehow without getting caught. This is happening to all 5 of my traps- very frustrating.
Has anyone else had this problem and perhaps can offer a solution to this problem?
Regards, Alan

Yeah likely rats, stick a rat trap under each possum trap or run toxin.

Hi Alan - what lure are you using? Sounds likely to be rats or mice. Ants like a lot of the lures, but they take longer to clean out the bait block. I’m having trouble with mice taking my rat lure from rat traps lately. Frustrating indeed! Less rats = more mice, it seems.

If you have the budget, then I find trail cameras are very handy for answering questions like this with certainty. They also good for watching animal behaviour around the traps and give clues on how the setup can be improved.

Cheers, Cam

Thanks for your suggestion Bevan.

Thanks for your suggestion Cam. Cameras are a great idea but I’m not sure I want to go down that route at this stage. What do they cost and where do you get them?
Cheers, Alan

I’m using the possum lure/paste. Similar to the rat and possum paste but not so enticing for rats apparently although I have my doubts about that.

Hi Alan

I have 2 of these which are a good balance of value vs quality. The main thing I don’t like about them is the lack of fast-forward button when reviewing footage in the field. I had them shipped from US, but I see this is not currently possible. I also use 8x highpower rechargeable batteries which will last for weeks depending on settings and how frequently it is triggered.

I have been using the blue Smooth paste by Connovation with my Trapinator. No catches in the Trapinator yet, but the Smooth is working will in the Timms and it hasn’t been eaten by rodents yet.
Cheers, Cam

Could be young possums also. Young possums don’t seem to set off the trapinators too well. I have watched as a young possum reached in and gently wiped the paste off the bite block without setting it off and another time setting it off but not getting caught and then coming back to eat at leisure. I have also caught 2 young possums by the arm which then had to be subsequently dispatched. However when Bevan suggested setting a rat trap at the base of the tree I caught a large rat that same night.

Wow, very interesting Matt. Thanks for the info. Lots more going on than I realised! I do wonder if the Trapinator design is due for an upgrade considering the points you’ve made. Cheers, Alan

Thanks for the info Cam. Cheers, Alan

Slugs or earwigs are possibilities depending on the period. Large slugs can clear it quickly.

Cam’s trail cam advice is a good one, you can learn a lot with a $60 camera. An inexpensive and (and easy DIY) option is to put some chew cards under it.

Our rats are mostly under control but we’re losing lure to mice this year. We make our own bite blocks for timms traps, they’re corflute filled with lure so essentially a chew card in a trap. In the same way it gives us a reasonable idea what’s been taking the lure:

Great idea about the crew cards Andy. A really good place to start!
Cheers, Alan

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I’ve had ants completely clear out 10ml (two teaspoons) of Pestoff Wonderlure in a day when there was a nest nearby. Also any times I pass a rat station while spotlighting reveals many slaters parked around it.