TrapNZ App stops recording trap entries during Walk line feature

Several staff have been finding that part way along a line the app is dropping out and no longer tracks them or record a still set record for the traps they walk past.
A user who has had this issue recently is “smithryn” on the Janszoon project on the Awapoto loop line. It has since worked ok however and this has been experienced by others. the line was continued by manual entry.

Kia ora,

Can you please let us know:

a) the app release version? It should be under Menu > About > Version.
b) If there is a particular model of phone this is happening on.

The latest release is version 5.0.4


Kia ora Andy

a) All staff here are running the 5.0.4 latest version
b) We all run Samsung galaxy S20 androids

Thanks Andy, I think I put this reply to the wrong question. this is also linked with this issue
We also noticed that it had changed some dates to the previous day. The Line was done on the 3 August 22 but it put the manual trap records in as the 2 Aug 22. I just yesterday re-entered the missing traps via the desktop and changed the dates so hopefully this doesn’t now confuse things for you. Could this have been an internal time (american) issue??