TrapNZ auditing records?

Hi there,

Would it be possible for trapnz to include a new option to make Trap auditing records? I’m imagining this would come up as an option when you’re creating a new record for a trap or baitline, and the auditor could make their own categories for it according to the audit they want to do e.g. baffle wire hole, how cleared the trap is of debris, warning sign on trap present etc.
The idea is then there is a record of when the trapline was last audited and by who, alongside the record of when the trap was last serviced and who did that. We audit our volunteer and contractor traplines on an annual basis so is very useful info for us to check when the audits are necessary and follow up easily on changes that need to be made and the state of the traplines.

This would be a great tool for helping to manage the state of tools as well as improvements in teams/vols/contractor abilities.