TrapNZ.Legacy app Lines screen empty

I am still using the TrapNZ.Legacy mobile app mainly for the Lines screen which allows me to easily progress through my traps without having to pick them off the map. (It would be great to see this added to the new mobile app too.)

However today when I view my Lines, no traps show up. I have tried restarting the app, and clearing all the local data. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Thanks, David.

Hi David

You can still progress through a line in the new app - you do have to pick the first trap off the map or by searching, but then you can use the navigation arrows at the bottom of the trap record screen to the next or previous installation on the line.

You will see a representation of the current line at the top of the screen.

The arrow indicates the position of the installation you are currently adding a record to. Installations that haven’t been updated within the maintenance period (see General Settings) are red. Installations that have been updated within the maintenance period are green.

The old app should still work but we encourage you to use the new app as the syncing is more robust and we can no longer support the old app.

Thank you. I had not noticed the navigation on the trap entry screen of the new app. This is workable thanks. But FYI I did prefer the bigger clearer display of the old app. I don’t take my reading glasses when clearing the traps, so small text and icons are difficult for me to use in the field. (I imagine I am not the only one.)

Hi David,

There will be line features are as per the legacy app within the next week or so, keep an eye out for the update (v3.0.7 or greater.) You can access the lines either by tapping the installation on the map and tapping the line name, or via Menu > Project Lines.