Trapper's name disappeared from Report "Trap Records" which I rely on a lot!

Trapper’s name disappeared from Report “Trap Records” which I rely on a lot! Has something been deliberately changed?

Hi Tony yep we have the same problem. Sarah

Its a bugger isn’t it! I depend on a name against a catch when I’m coordinating groups of trappers. cheers, Tony

Sorry Tony, there is a new Privacy Act that is stricter on what personal information we can collect, store and display on the website. I understand that most trappers aren’t too precious about that sort of thing but there are some that don’t want names to be visible to other members of their project, and of course we’re accountable if we end up inadvertently breaching the act.

However since you are actively using this information we’ve reinstated it back into the reports for now while we review the implications of the act, revise our privacy policy accordingly and review our reports for exactly which members can see what information and where.

Thanks Scott. I use it to give feedback / encouragement to trappers. Having to figure out who owns what trap makes the process so much longer and wastes time!! I coordinate 3 different groups for Pest Free Upper Hutt. cheers, Tony

I would say that in entering some ID info when recording catches the trapper knows it will be viewed by others who have access to the project. That amounts to consent in my mind. But if there is doubt each project leader can do a quick whip around to check their trappers continue to be ok with that info (sometimes only initials) is visible to all other project members. I think this should be a simple opt out scenario. If a trapper is uncomfortable with that info being available to others they can simply not record it. Andrew