Trapping Hedgehogs

I have had to modify my trap boxes with wire netting over the entrance so that hedgehogs can’t get into them. If caught the trap does not kill them totally - which is cruel. I would like to eliminate hedgehogs from my area but not sure what kind of trap to use that can kill them without any suffering.
I have a cage trap for possums and wild cats - hedgehogs get caught in there too which is a pain.
Please help -

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DOC200 and DOC250 will kill them humanely.

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Thanks, I will check these out

Yes the DOC 200 works for us, this one had Dehydrated Rabbit and a Fake Egg, you can also use old white golf balls.

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Yep DOC 200 are lethal on hogs. I’ve caught scores and all well held and killed.

I mainly catch them evenly between the 150 and 250’s. Get way more HH than stoats

What trap are you using btw?