Trapping Smarter "bait presentation"

I think we need to start trapping predators smarter, setting traps 200 meters apart baiting with eggs or rabbit will catch some but not most.
Here are some things I do to make my DOC traps more natural.
The egg perched up on three nails is very visual how ever its not natural. I take small bird nests out of tree and sheds (after the chicks leave for the year) and I place them in the bait area of the trap making sure not to interfere with the tread plate or kill bar. then the egg goes in the nest nothing looks more natural then the real thing.
When a mustelid eats a rabbit they only leave the skin. so I skin and dry rabbit skins and make it look like another mustelid has already been in the trap eating a rabbit. The visual piece of dried rabbit skin lasts way longer then fresh or salted rabbit.
Hope this helps you to Trap Smarter. please share what you are doing we can all learn something new.


Hi, thanks for the information and nice clear images. I notice a few people wrap the edges of the wire like you do, is that because rats and mustelids are shy/wary of the sharp/cold edges? I haven’t had an issue with rats going into my trap boxes with even sharp points showing but I do wonder whether I am missing larger predators as the hole seems to be only 5 cm or so. Some of the rats I have caught seem to have only just fit through the gap. Then again, I don’t want to accidentally catch unintended species like birds.



I file the edges then wrap them. The wrapping is so the animals can see the hole a long way off. I don’t want them you have to think “how do I get in there” as for the hole size its up to you if you make it larger, I don’t want the animal to have any trouble getting in. (hedge hogs are a real pest as well and you will start catching them if you make the hole bigger.)
Good Luck