Trapping tools pouch/bag recommendations

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What are people using to carry their trapping tools in the bush? We are a commercial operation so whatever we use needs to be hard-wearing as it’s used almost daily. We carry packs with our baits, spare traps etc in and have been using a pouch on a belt for screw drivers, wire brush etc. this system works well for us but I’m intrigued to hear what set-ups other people are using and any brands of pouches that you’d recommend.

Happy trapping!


We use these PVC pouches made by Stew’s Place in Te Anau. Heavy duty and rugged. Two pockets so you can separate tools from bloody meat, etc. Simple belt loop lets you slip it on a tool belt, bumbag, or backpack hip belt.

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And speaking of tools, our local engineering shop makes these sturdy stainless steel tools for adjusting DOC traps. Handy to have.


I’ve got a Cactus Outdoors bumbag, highly recommend their gear.

I use a small shoulder bag to carry tools and bait, note pad and pens. Always carry a pile as it can come in handy and also a Swiss knife.

Hi, Ive been trapping for years and tried lots of options but ended up sewing a special purpose front bag. I laid out the tools and phone / notebook spare screws, flagging tape etc and made a bag from cordura to suit. Basically a bum bag but deeper and with a fold over top held down by velcro. The stuff I use mostly faces out to the top. The buckle is to the side so that my pack doesnt press it into my back like many of the commercial ones. I really like the velcro fastener as it is easy to open with gloves. Unfortunately my gear is in Christchurch and I am currently working on Stephens Island so cant post a photo but you may use different gear so want it custom made. Twin Needles can make custom stuff.

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We use a tramping pack plus bumbag setup: Bum Bag
They fit quite a bit and are pretty hard wearing.
A few of the team have used these too - Hi Vis Utility Vest STD – Cactus Outdoor

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Thank you, sounds good! So hard to find these when you need them!

Also available from Fiordland Packs

The beltbags from Twin Needle are pretty good for carrying trapping tools Capsule V2 – TwinNeedle

Macpac used to make something similar but seem to have stopped now.

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We use these as well - we were using small backpacks but they didn’t have waist belts and even with a light load they were not so good on the shoulders. The bumbags are great, our lines are not too far away so no need to carry stacks of stuff with us, we typically work in pairs so have one person’s bag focussed on what is needed for the actual trapcheck, and the other for first aid and monitoring or other gear.

We can always pair it back up with a backpack on days of locations where more gear is required.