Traps List Report Columns - Last Catch Date

Happy New Year!
I am dumping CSV for multiple projects for analysis in another tool. I am using the trap records data and also the data for simply a list of traps. The goal is to identify the traps that have not had any catches reported in a long while.
These are the two reports I am using to dump the data:

It is difficult to make a relationship between both sets of data as it stands, the list from trap-records contains a column called “TrapNID”, but this column is absent on the traps list.

Please would it be possible to add one or both the following columns to the traps list:

With the TrapNID I can derive the LastCatchDate from the data in trap-records and it might be useful to link these two tables for future purposes I haven’t thought of yet.
If the LastCatchDate were added then that would solve the immediate question about which traps to follow up with.

(Noted that there is an existing report: but this is only for the currently selected project rather than over multiple projects.)