Traps not showing on website, and sometimes on app,

Hey just wondering if anyone has installed traps on the app and they have not shown on the website. Also the App keeps exiting out when data is saving when back in service.

Please Help!

Kia ora @murupara what version of the app are you using? (in the menu “about”)

i have 6.0.13, and running off an iphone 11 pro max. Is it cause im using iphone and not android? or does that not matter?

Kia ora,

A fix for this is about to be released, but is available already in open beta testing. You are welcome to join the testing program and can do so with the following:



Ngā mihi,

Thanks Andy, how do i get invited to use the beta testing?

The iOS above should have worked, but I’ve sent you and invite anyway. Please let me know it that doesn’t come through.

Ngā mihi

Hey Andy, i got the invite but the test app is asking me to redeem the code? which I can not see anywhere?

Kia ora,

Those changes went live today, so simply upgrade your app and you should be good to go. v6.0.17 is what you are looking for.