Traps pulled out to front of boxes

I have a lot of rat traps that are pulled right to the front of the boxes. What would do that? I thought Weka - could other rats do this?

Use some superglue to fix tape stickey-side up, under the treadle - hair or feathers will give you a clue. Also you could smooth the earth in front of the trap with loose raked soil to see if you get some prints?

In my experience it is other rats and cats that do that.
Whereas if the wire is bashed in, then its pigs

Thanks - must be catching something in the traps - I feel cheated as I can’t record anything as caught.

Good idea putting tape down I will give it a go cheers

Try using the T-Rex trap type instead, these will hold onto something inside it (most often), and you’ll be able to record a catch by identifying it. Rats will happily pilfer mice from traps, for example.

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Thanks - a good idea

Add a small screw or nail into the tunnel floor flush with the trap base to help prevent this happening.


Could be mustelids, we’ve caught a few in our rat traps, pretty sure they eat a few rats out of the traps too.

We have our Victor rat traps staple gunned to a corflute floor that runs the length of the doc standard design wooden boxes. Makes them super easy to handle & means they don’t get kicked around inside the box too much. Use 6+ long stainless staples.


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Thanks lots of helpful answers

Good idea thanks very much

Hi what sometimes happens when the trap has been sprung and has been dragged away from where it was set is either another animal has been interested and moved the caught body or it’s was not a clean kill and has been caught by a leg etc and has tried to escape,
rats ( in some cases)will chew their own leg off to avoid capture
Try setting the treadle plate with less resistance
Hope this helps