Traps randomly disappear while using app

Traps randomly disappear while using the app. Sometimes the screen is completely black & unable to do anything, most of the time all detail is present except the traps. This is mostly happening in an area with limited mobile coverage, but also happens on other lines with good coverage from time to time. Sometimes resolved by switching to another project & coming back to the current one, or by closing the app & opening again. Problem seems to be on both Apple & Android phones. It’s making it difficult to enter results while the line is being checked, with the result of volunteers forgetting to do it later then they’re home. Any suggestions please?

I have similar problem but my iPhone does not show any traps even with good Wifi reception.

I think the problem started with recent app update.

I can see all my traps on website.

@rogerxnz @cathonthego this may help you Resetting the phone app - #3 by lenore-admin

Thank you for your reply.

I’m not aware of a resetting option. Do you mean deleting the app and reinstalling it?

@rogerxnz no, if you click the link I have put above, it will give you the instructions to reset the app

I’ve ended up having to uninstall and reinstall the app, as when the screen is completely black there is no option to do anything at all.

@cathonthego yes unfortunately that was your only option

I have the same problems when I’m off line there is no way back except a paper and pen or notes. I’m not a trap nz fan

@cathonthego @rogerxnz Can you please confirm this is happening after the upgrade to v6.2.23.

Will confirm next time traps are checked which will be in the next two weeks.

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