Truncated drop-downs and screen prompts

I have a long term issue on my Samsung SE20 FE (currently Android 13 UI5.1) where information fields are truncated - e.g. in the “Lures” dropdown I can only see the first word on the options (e.g. Fresh four times over without the 2nd word showing) and clicking on the trap to record a catch many fields are only partially completed (e.g. “Specie… Non…”). See screenshots below.

Have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, cleared caches, etc but nothing has resolved. Have had this issue for a year or so, not a new problem but have worked around. Any ideas?

@pest_free_warkworth can you please tell me what version of the app you are using? (You’ll find in in the menu section “about”)

App version is 6.0.15.

Many thanks