Trying to embed static hex map into google sites website

Kia ora,

I’m trying to embed a static hex map for a project into a website hosted/built on google sites but for some reason it is not working, just wondering if anyone has any experience with this?

I have created the hex map all good but when I try to embed it to my website it doesn’t work. If I try to embed via the .URL it says “Can’t embed due to provider site permissions. URL will display a text link” - which is obviously crap. If I try to embed via HTML, I am able to get the HTML version of the static hex map but it seems that the javascript doesn’t load - this looks slightly better but overall is still fairly crap.

Ideally I’d like to just embed via the .URL but can’t seem to find anything about site permissions. I have of course selected ‘share summary data?’ and ‘list this project publicly?’ for the project.

Please help - I’m a trapper, not a web developer!

I’ll ask the developers for the instructions