Un-retire a trap

I have a trap which I retired. I now want to reinstate it. Is that possible? How?

Yes you can but you set it up as a new trap with the same ID. The retired trap still keeps its old records.
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Worked a treat. Thanks

Note that you if you accidentally retired a trap you can unretire it - you will need to find it first by setting the Active/Retired dropdown on the Traps page to “Retired” and apply the filter.

Once you have found the trap you can then edit it and un-check the retired checkbox.

But as @kendall.wj says you wouldn’t normally do this unless it is the same trap in exactly the same place. If it is the same ID in a different location then create a new trap.

I tried doing what you describe @root but I coudn’t make it work, hence my original question. I was putting trap back in the exact same spot.

Hi ignoble,

Can you explain what you mean by “couldn’t make it work”? It sounds like un-retiring is the correct option in your case, so it would be good to know if it is system bug or if the process isn’t intuitive enough.


I can’t remember exactly what I did, but I believe I filtered for retired traps, selected that trap and unchecked the Retire box. It didn’t seem to succeed in un-retiring the trap. It is possible I did something wrong.